Immune Function tests

Blood tests conducted in normal medical checkup are only a few items and are not sufficient for analyzing details. The immune function test is a blood test that quantifies the state of cells such as lymphocytes and grasps the state of immune function.
It will be an indicator when choosing a method of immune cell therapy and it will be a material to judge the therapeutic effect by examining the immunocompetence after immune cell therapy.

Method of Examination


After collecting 10 mL of blood, measure the cell responsible for the immune response to cancer cells by the flow cytometry method (measuring by flowing cell suspension at high speed and analyzing each cell individually).


Inspection Item

①Mononuclear cells
②T cells
③NK cell
④Alpha beta T cells
⑤Vγ9 gamma-delta T cell
⑥Total gamma-delta T cells
⑦T helper cell
⑨Type 1 T helper cell
⑩Type 2 T helper cell
⑪Regulatory T cells
⑬B cell