PET-CT test


On the first floor of the Daiba Clinic Mall basement, PET-CT of the Yuai clinic is installed. When necessary for diagnosis, it is possible to introduce to Yuai clinic and receive a PET-CT test.
"PET" is short for "positron emission tomography", it is an abbreviation with the initial letter of positron emission tomography.Normally, cancer is often found somewhat bigger and found from changes in the body. Therefore, it is difficult to discover if cancer cell growth has progressed to some extent.
Usually we inject a drug called FDG similar to glucose. Then, depending on whether this medicine gathers or not, we will investigate whether a disease in the body has the property of using glucose frequently or the place of using glucose frequently.
Because cancer and strong inflammation have characteristics that glucose is frequently used, it can be presumed that diseases and places where FDG gathers are like cancer and strong inflammation, so we can expect to even find small cancers.
With PET-CT inspection, by using a CT device in combination, image shift due to time difference can be prevented, and positioning can be performed with high accuracy. Therefore, you can shoot the position and size of the tumor with a clearer image and analyze it in more detail.
Moreover, almost one whole examination can be done by one examination, and it demonstrates power to unexpected cancer discovery .
It is regarded as an important examination to investigate especially diagnosis of cancers of unknown origin that can not find lesions by other examination while being followed by the possibility of cancer, early detection of cancer, stage diagnosis, metastasis and recurrence.